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Carrie Silcox Robyn LaLumia TBD Carol Fronce
Director Deputy Director Support Services Coordinator Financial Analyst
801-366-6040 801-573-2842 801-366-6040 801-573-2842
csilcox@utah.gov rlalumia@utah.gov cfronce@utah.gov

Crash Data

Need information about crashes or fatalities in Utah? Our crash data team can get you what you need.

TBD Melissa Lawrence Sgt. Mark Thompson
Program Manager FARS Analyst Crash Data LEL
 385-266-7379 801-657-7107
 melissalawrence@utah.gov mthompson@utah.gov


Get in touch with our communication program for resources or ways to share your traffic safety message.

TBD Stacy Debban
Communications Manager Program Coordinator
 801-366-6040  801-783-8521

Occupant Protection

For any information or questions about seat belts, car seats or child passenger safety information and training, get in touch with our occupant protection team members.

Keri Gibson Kerilee Burton Terry Smith
Program Manager Program Coordinator Rural Coordinator
801-243-7571 801-505-3315 435-201-4312
kgibson@utah.gov kburton@utah.gov terrysmith1@utah.gov

Impaired Driving

Our impaired driving program team can provide information about enforcement, education, youth alcohol  programs, DUI checkpoints and the EASY program.

Lynda Reinstein Jill Sorensen
Program Manager EASY Program Coordinator
385-290-5305 801-903-7078
lreinstein@utah.gov jsorensen@utah.gov

Police Traffic Services

For information about enforcement, equipment and training, contact our police traffic services team.

Chad Buck Heather Fuhr
Law Enforcement Liaison Police Traffic Services Program Coordinator
801-782-7250  801-386-2911
cbuck@utah.gov heatherfuhr@utah.gov

UHP Public Information and Education
The Utah Highway Patrol’s Public Information and Education program can provide lectures and safety presentations or bring the seat belt convincer to your event.

Sgt. Brady Zaugg  Trooper Chad Valdez
801-634-2470 435-849-1557
bzaugg@utah.gov cvaldez1@utah.gov

Vulnerable Roadway Users
Our team can provide information about pedestrian, bicycle and motorcycle safety.

Program Manager