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Some Numbers to Think About

Think about how often you’re in your car, or on your bicycle, motorcycle or just a pedestrian. It’s probably at least once a day.

We wanted to share some numbers for you to think about – our most recent crash data is from 2014, and we’ve broken out some info here.

No one ever plans on crashing. But crashes do happen. Make sure every time you get in your car, or get out on Utah’s roadways, you’re doing everything you can to avoid a crash or mitigate the consequences if one happens. Buckle up, focus on the road, obey the speed limit, wear the proper protective gear, avoid distractions when driving, riding or walking. We want everyone to get home safely. Think about Zero Fatalities.On an average day in 2014, there were 148 motor vehicle crashes in Utah

  1. In an average day in Utah in 2014, there were

    148 motor vehicle crashes

    involving 370 people with

    64 people injured.

  2. A motor vehicle crash occurred

    every 9 minutes.

  3. A person was


    in a crash

    every 22 minutes.

  4. Crashes can happen

    anytime, anywhere.



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