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Scene of a crash in rural Utah

This page is the new home for Utah crash entry training and assistance. The old DI-9 manual is being replaced by the training modules on this page. If you are new to the UCJIS website for crashes, please contact Trooper Mark Thompson at 801-657-7101 or mthompson@utah.gov – you can also contact us for crash entry assistance at crashcitationsupport@utah.gov

ANSI Manual
New Crash Report Code Set Changes
Utah Crash Report Data Dictionary 
Utah Data Dictionary

Crash Training Presentation and Quiz

Crash Training Modules

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*Information and instructions contained in these training modules are based on federal guidelines designed to standardize collection of information regarding motor vehicle crashes and do not supersede any specific application of state statute.

Motor Vehicle Crash Definition    Motor Vehicle     Harmful Event    Location of First Harmful Event   Trafficway

Manner of Collision        Speeds        Safety Equipment         Sequence Of Events        Most Common Errors        Hit and Run               Roadway Description

For more information, please contact Sgt. Mark Thompson at 801-657-7107 or mthompson@utah.gov

Crash Report Revision 

In 2017, a new set of minimum standards for collecting crash data was released to the states. This instigated the process of updating Utah’s crash report form, which has not been updated since 2006. Over the past decade, crash reporting has evolved and this update will not only enhance our data collection efforts, but also improve the quality of the data. As a result, transportation and public safety professionals along with law enforcement and other partners, will be able to strengthen their programs and identify countermeasures that will affect positive change on our roadways. 

Training Available 

Information on the revision is available upon request. On site training to your agency is also available. 

Q: What’s New? 


  •  13 fields deleted 
  • 14 fields added
  • 37 data elements deleted
  • 38 data elements added
  • 36 data element descriptions changed for clarity
  • 5 data elements previously combined in drop down boxes, now separated out.

Q: What About Vendors? 

A: All vendors are aware of the changes and have been working with Highway Safety to implement them. 

Grace Period 

Two versions of the crash report will be accepted until July 31, 2019. After this date, only the newest version of the report will be accepted. 


Contact Barbra Christofferson at the Utah Department of Public Safety, Highway Safety Office. 

801-783-7250 or bchristofferson@utah.gov