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Can A Temporary Tattoo Help Reduce Drunk Driving?

The temporary tattoo features an attached electronic reader that can send information on alcohol levels to a smart phone.

Transdermal alcohol testing devices aren’t new.

I first learned about one type used for DUI offenders at a conference nearly 10 years ago. A company can remotely monitor whether or not a person using the device had alcohol in his or her system.

But now researchers from the University of California San Diego are testing a temporary tattoo with a small circuit board.

The temporary tattoo displayed on someone's arm.

It can detect alcohol levels in the person “wearing” it and send the information via Bluetooth to a mobile phone.

It has numerous uses, one of which could be to let people know when they’re too drunk to drive.

Temporary tattoo or not, your safest bet is to never drink and drive. Always plan for a safe ride home: drive sober, designate a sober driver, call a cab or ride sharing service – if you’ve been drinking, don’t drive.

Read a Wall Street Journal article about the device here.


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