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Winter Coats Can Interfere With Car Seat Safety

Winter coats should be put over your child after you secure him/her in the car seat.

This screen cap from a video demonstrates how a winter coat can keep a child’s car seat from protecting them in the even of a crash.

The temperatures are dropping, so it’s time to bundle your little ones up to protect against the cold.

But did you know a winter coat can affect your child’s car seat’s ability to do its job?

According to Safe Kids,  “A bulky coat can compress in a crash and create a loose car seat harness, putting your child at greater risk of injury in the unlikely event of a crash.”

Watch this video to see the way the coat affects the car seat fit.

Safe and Warm

How do you keep your child safe and warm in the winter?

Secure them in their car seats without bulky jackets, and then place the jacket or a blanket over them.

Place jackets and blankets over your children to keep them safely secured in their car seats and warm during the winter.




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