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Autonomous Vehicles

Illustration of autonomous vehicle and vehicle driven by people

As autonomous vehicles (AVs) merge into our nation’s traffic, the most pressing safety challenge for states will be preparing human drivers.

DPS’s Driver License Division partnered with UDOT to prepare a report on autonomous vehicles for the Legislature.

You can read the full report here.

The Governor’s Highway Safety Association prepared a report that examines the implications of new vehicle technologies for highway safety agencies and advocates. You can read it here: Autonomous Vehicles Meet Human Drivers: Traffic Safety Issues for States.

The infographics below highlight some of the information shared in the report.

Graphic showing the five levels of autonomy of cars

Graphic showing the projection of autonomous vehicles in the US

Map showing states testing autonomous vehicles

Only 20 percent of the public say they are willing to buy an autonomous vehicle immediately

5 pieces of advice for states with regard to autonomous vehicles