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High Visibility Gear

Light it up

Are you visible or invisible?

When you’re out walking, running, or riding, especially at dawn, dusk, or when it’s dark out, you need to help drivers see you. For your safety, light it up!

Bright Colors Are Not Bright At Night

Get reflective gear or accessories to help make sure you can be seen.

No White At Night

Myth: White or light colors make you visible at night – watch and learn how wrong this is.

Gear for Your Style

Whether you’re into fashion or function, a minimalist or maximalist, there’s gear for you.

How can you find it?


  • Use your favorite search engine and terms like “reflective gear/clothes/vest/accessories/decals/stickers,” “high visibility gear/clothes/vest/accessories/decals/stickers”


  • Visit a large retailer’s men’s section – that’s where we found high vis reflective vests and t shirts
  • Visit a bike shop or sports store

The Numbers