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Below you will find Highway Safety’s answers to frequently asked questions. Answers may link you to further information, or you can use our contact form to submit another question. One of our program experts will get back to within 1-3 business days.

How can I get a safety inspection for my vehicle?

Safety inspections are not handled by our office. To schedule an inspection, please contact the Utah Highway Patrol at 801-965-4889 or, you can view their inspection website here.

I would like to have my child’s car seat inspected, where can I find an inspection station?

You can find a list of statewide inspection stations here. Or, you can make an appointment with our expert, and visit our office. Call 801-366-6040 to schedule an inspection.

How can I host a Bike Rodeo at my upcoming event?

The Bicycle Rodeo Program trailer and equipment can be rented from the Highway Safety Office at no charge to the public.